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Best Handheld Vacuum Cleaners

How to Choose Your Best Handheld Vacuum Cleaner

Vacuum cleaners are if not essential, very convenient devices used to remove the dust and dirt, usually from floors, but also from furniture and small spaces. While big hoovers and central vacuums make a perfect job at cleaning big open areas (carpets, kitchen/bedroom/living room floors), best handheld vacuum cleaners are small vacuum cleaners that are designed to vacuum small spills or to clean areas that are hard to reach for big vacuum cleaners.

The advantage of best handheld vacuum cleaners is their portability. Indeed, because they are small, weigh very little compared to big hoovers, a best handheld vacuum can often be cordless and rechargeable. These devices are highly portable and can be carried around, even outside the house to clean areas like the inside of a car.

Because they are so popular, manufacturers mass products them. However, not all best handheld vacuum cleaners are the same. You will find a wide range of prices, along with a wide range of features and possibilities. So what is the best handheld vacuum?

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Before deciding which one the best handheld vacuum cleaner, you have to determine your needs and your budget. While some of them are good at doing one thing (e.g. removing cat hair off your furniture), others are better at other functions (cleaning the car, removing dirt from your entrance, etc). By looking at your needs, the limitations of each vacuum and your budget, you will avoid throwing money into an expensive appliance that will not suit your needs.

Here are the top 5 things you should look at when choosing your best handheld vacuum cleaner.

1) Weight
2) Capacity and Size
3) Cord vs Cordless
4) Battery time (if applicable)
5) How easy is it to clean

The weight of a vacuum cleaner is something your should seriously take in account when deciding on your best handheld vacuum cleaner. The lighter the vacuum, the more portable and comfortable your new cleaning device will be. If it is too heavy, you may end up with hands, arms or back cramps from carrying your hand held vacuum cleaner around. So read reviews if you are shopping online, or take the device out of the box at the store and pretend you are vacuuming for a minute or two. The handling should feel right and it shouldn't take too much effort to hold the device.

When purchasing your vacuum cleaner, it is important that your look at the capacity of the dirt cup. A vacuum cleaner with a small capacity may be smaller, but may also need to be emptied on a more frequent basis. If you plan on using your vacuum cleaner often, you may need to opt for a slightly larger vacuum cleaner with a larger dirt container capacity.

Cord versus cordless. Of course, if you opt for corded hand held vacuum cleaners, you will pay less. But having a cord in your legs can be inconvenient. Also, a cordless device will allow you to bring your vacuum cleaner in places that has no outlets or where outlets are hidden by other big furniture or boxes (e.g. the attic or the car). Plus isn't it so much easier to simply grab and turn on your handheld vacuum cleaner for a quick clean up than looking for an outlet and undoing the entangled cord (it's always such a mess!).

best handheld vacuum

Entangled cords problem? Think cordless!

photo credit : Kichigai Mentat

If you are purchasing a cordless handheld vacuum, you should also look at the lifetime of the recharged battery. Some vacuum cleaner give you 5 minutes of vacuuming without the cord, while others will give you a full half hour. If your main use is to vacuum the car or long use of the hand held vacuum, you should look for a one that features a longer battery life time.

Last but certainly not least, how easy is it to empty the dirt container? If you are using your new cleaning device on a regular basis, you should look for one that is easy to clean, preferably at the push of a button. Handheld vacuums sometimes have dust filter you need to change or clean periodically. While they can be a nice feature, they will also add up to maintenance time of your new vacuum.

Finally, also look for other extras, such as attachments, motorized brushed, wet and dry functions and much more. Think about the possible use of your handheld vacuum cleaner. Do you have young children around, a cat, are you single, how much are you willing to pay on a handheld vacuum cleaner? Answers to all these questions will help you determine what features you need, and which is the best handheld vacuum for you.

Remember that hand held vacuum cleaners can not replace your big hoover or central vacuum, but will perfectly do the job they are designed for: cleaning small areas and small spills, or removing hair from a couch. Best handheld vacuum cleaners are not as powerful as big central vacuums, therefore should not be used at the same extent.

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