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Picking your handheld vacuum

You probably have a big vacuum cleaner or a central vacuum at home. While they may be great to clean the entire house, carpets and big surface areas, central vacuums or big vacuums are not convenient to pick up the small mess that needs to be quickly cleaned up. Lets look at a few example. Scenario 1, you are cleaning your guinea pig cage,and end up with some bedding chips and guinea pig food on the floor.  Scenario 2, when you are not looking, Sniffy, your white Persian cat always sneaks on your favorite black couch, resulting in a hairy couch and your mother in-law will show up at any time. Scenario 3, your youngest one has decided he was getting himself a bowl of cereals and what had to happen happens, he drops half his dry bowl of cereal over the living room carpet.

While your big vacuum cleaner is a great item to have when you wish to do a general cleaning of your house, it can represents a hassle to take it out in the scenarios above. This is where a handheld vacuum cleaner comes in so handy! As a matter of fact, handheld vacuums cleaners are great items to own. With your best handheld vacuum, you will be able to pick up small messes, pet messes as well as areas that are difficult to access with a bigger vacuum cleaner (i.e. corners). But choosing your best handheld vacuum is not easy. There are a lot of models and brands available in store, and choosing a good one, that will clean all types of mess, access all the small corners and last you many years can take time. So this is why, here, at Best Handheld Vacuum, we suggest here some tips on how to choose your handheld vacuum, for great results.

First, you best handheld vacuum cleaner should feel light enough so you can easily pick it up and carry it around the house. Your best handheld vacuum should feel comfortable because you may need to squish into tight or low areas. If you have to carry a heavy handheld vacuum cleaner for some times, you may feel lots of discomfort. So make sure that it is easy to handle and that the weight feels right for you.

Second, think about the lifetime of the battery. Handheld vacuums have a rechargeable battery that allows you to carry your device without the hassle of training a cord behid you. But not all models and brands give you the same battery time. While some will give you only 5 minutes of remote vacuuming, other will give you up to half an hour. A too short battery time can be very inconvenient if you were using your best handheld vacuum to clean your car. Different models also come with different type of recharge device. A wall-mounted recharger is convenient and will give you the ease of accessing your fully recharged vacuum at all time.

Third, handheld vacuum cleaners come in all size, and with different capacities. Try to choose a your best handheld vacuum cleaner with a large capacity, so you don't need to empty it all the time. Also, look for the ease of opening and emptying your vacuum cleaner. Some handheld vacuum cleaners can be emptied in one touch, other vacuum cleaners require you to remove a filter before you can empty the cup.

Fourth, look for a wet and dry function. It can be very convenient to be able to vacuum a liquid spill. Similarly, look for other interesting features you may want. This can include brush attachments and extensions.

Your best handheld vacuum should last you many years of convenient cleaning. Nevertheless, look for a brand/model that includes a good warranty. Like any other electric device, handheld vacuum cleaners are prone to breaking with use. Ensuring a good warranty will save you from headaches and troubles if your best handheld vacuum stopped working properly.

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