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Using a handheld vacuum cleaner : the Do(s) and Don’t do(s)

Having a best handheld vacuum cleaner is good. Having a working handheld vacuum, better! Here are the do(s) and don't do(s) about vacuum cleaners that will help you extend the life of this useful but often mistreated gadget. Those advices also apply to other types of vacuum cleaners (including standing and central).

First, keep your vacuum in working order, at all time. This means that you will need to do a little bit of maintenance on your best handheld vacuum after every other use. Do not wait until the filter is too filthy to replace or wash it, or the container overfilled to empty it. A vacuum that is not well maintained requires more power to perform the same job as a handheld vacuum that was kept in working condition. Failing to keep your device in working condition will reduce its longevity and increase the chance of breaking. Maintenance of your vacuum cleaner cost you a few minutes of your time every other week, not maintaining it will cost you a new vacuum cleaner.

Second, refrain from the envy of using just any extension cord. Extension cords have a limit watt or amp rating and there is a good reason for it. It allows you to decide which cord to safely use with what appliance or electric gadget. The use of an extension cord not suitable to your best handheld vacuum will increase the risks of damaging your appliance and even increase the risks of fire.

Third, read the label carefully. Is your new vacuum meant to be used indoor only? Is is labeled for use with liquid spills as well? Those appliances are carefully designed for what they are meant to be used for. Don't use an indoor vacuum inside and don't use a dry only handheld vacuum to clean a juice spill. You will only risk breaking your appliance or injuring yourself!

Fourth, avoid pulling your handheld vacuum by the cord. Overtime, you may damage the cord. Damage cords are very harmful. If you notice a damaged cord, do not use your vacuum anymore, at any cost, as you are in high risks of electrocution or fire. Check your cords once in a while, to make sure that they are in working conditions.

Fifth, avoid vacuuming hard and sharp things from the floor. Needles or pennies are to be avoided. Hard and sharp objects can crack the fan blade. So take the time to pick up that penny, that needle or that sharp rock in the middle of the living room before continuing vacuuming. This extra effort may save you from purchasing a new vacuum cleaner!

Last but not least, turn off your best handheld vacuum cleaner using the on/off button. Don't plug/unplug your appliance when it's on.

Your best handheld vacuum cleaner will last you if you take good care of you. And a lat note : try to resist the urge of vacuuming body parts, your pet or your hair, because the force coming from the vacuum can cause injuries.

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